7.Risk Management

Comprehensive corporate risk management is crucial in an ever-changing competitive environment.

That´s the reason why BriskPPM´s team devoted their utmost attention to creating detailed risk identification features that allow for prompt identification of both positive and negative risks, enabling qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as prompt response planning features and even associating each risk to a related Strategic Goal in order to bring attention to high management levels.


Once identified, BriskPPM enables you to assign each “Risk Card” to a person in charge and pinpoint a comprehensive Response Strategy (such as to “mitigate” or to “transfer”) with its own Action Plan and detailed tasks and keep precise tracking of action plan statuses, enabling users to appoint an accountable person for each response strategy.


Executives may take advantage of BriskPPM´s many tools for enhanced risk management, such as a unique at-a-glance overview of the organization´s risks and easy to use dashboards that make it straightforward to manage Financial, Compliance, Operational, Reputational, Strategic as well as any other types of risks your organization needs to wrap its head around, as well as the application of the RBS (Risk Breakdown Structure), a hierarchical representation of risks starting from higher levels and going down to finer level risks.

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