4.Meeting & Collaboration

High productivity is key for strategic meetings.


That´s why BriskPPM provides an online Meeting & Collaboration feature with a streamlined slideshow creation tool based on real-time data, making it a breeze to create dynamic slides that communicate your tasks´ status, strategic goals or even your organization’s strategic map.


The meeting was rescheduled?

 if for any reason your strategic meeting gets postponed, keep calm as the slides created for the original meeting are updated on Real-Time with the actual data at the time of the meeting.

Once your meeting is over, participants may at your discretion receive a summary of addressed topics as well as the meeting minutes, including visual material and presentation notes.

Task created on the course of the meeting will pop-up at each user´s individual “My Task List” Kanban, and management can follow progress by clicking on the meeting registry, with real-time updates.

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