2.Key Performance Indicators

Critical information at a glance. BriskPPM allows end-users to quickly define active Key Performance Indicators that bring out the live status for each of your organization´s divisions on any level. Through a straightforward interface, users are able to create key performance indicators and define their periodicity, accountable person, source, polarity, validity, etc.


Once you have created your company´s strategy map on either on a business unit or company-wise level, populating it with user-defined live KPIs will provide top-level management monitoring capabilities for your business´ strategic goals and objectives based on up-to-date information.




Besides keeping track of your key performance indicators, BriskPPM even lets you know if any of subjacent information used to calculate a KPI is outdated or missing, as well as indicating the person responsible for the indicator´s update. By taking advantage of BriskPPM advanced KPI calculation feature, users may define formulas used to automatically update the indicator.

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