1. Strategy Planning

BriskPPM brings to the table a full-featured strategy module that enables your organization to take strategic planning to the next level.

Through the provided step-by-step wizards, users are able to quickly create organization-wide strategic maps with the application of Balanced Scorecard principles: “Perspectives”, “Themes” and “Goals”.

BriskPPM allows end-users to quickly draw and customize Strategy Maps through either a no-frills hierarchical editor or a full-fledged online wizard, for top-grade diagrams featuring the organization´s visual identity, whilst comprising active Key Performance Indicators that bring out live status for each of your organization´s divisions.

BriskPPM´s Strategy module goes even further as to allow the association of action plans with each indicator, enabling users to create underlying tasks and keep track of their progress and to easily batch-upload relevant documents and keep track of their revision history through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Once online, attach them to an objective to let your team have full access to the information needed to guarantee its realization

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