3.Integrations – Canvas Dashboard

One of the most popular canvas is the Business Model Canvas. Some others are the MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship Model Canvas, the Project Model Canvas, Lean Model Canvas, Design Thinking, and hundreds of other models. Integrated to DyKanvas™, BriskPPM offers the users the ability to use popular and public canvas models […]

2.Key Performance Indicators

Critical information at a glance. BriskPPM allows end-users to quickly define active Key Performance Indicators that bring out the live status for each of your organization´s divisions on any level. Through a straightforward interface, users are able to create key performance indicators and define their periodicity, accountable person, source, polarity, […]

1. Strategy Planning

BriskPPM brings to the table a full-featured strategy module that enables your organization to take strategic planning to the next level. Through the provided step-by-step wizards, users are able to quickly create organization-wide strategic maps with the application of Balanced Scorecard principles: “Perspectives”, “Themes” and “Goals”. BriskPPM allows end-users to […]

DyKanvas Integration

DyKanvas is provided by Dyress Corp and offers tools for maping a canvas model or to build simple kanbans. The integration today offers single sign-on for both tools, but the data generated in each application is independent of each other.