PMO frameworks

Source report: PMO levels and their uses in organizations. The report “PMO frameworks” by PMI elaborates the most common type of PMO frameworks and the uses of each type. The report further illustrates the various methods, services and processes used by each type and highlights the performance and value […]

PMI Report – Identify benefits to drive business results

Get the ful report at  TO BETTER UNDERSTAND BENEFITS, WE SHARE THE FOLLOWING DEFINITIONS: PROJECT BENEFITS: Project benefits can be considered synonymous with positive strategic impacts. OBJECTIVES: Project objectives are the results to be achieved after a project concludes, such as a successful IT conversion, development of a new […]

BriskPPM Srategy Module – Features List

Strategy Planning Preparation of Strategy Maps by the user with information on the organization´s Mission, Vision, Perspectives, Strategic Topics and Goals; Visual aids for editing colors, sizes and positioning objects (mission, vision, perspectives, topics and strategic objectives); Ability to create multi-level strategy maps – including a breakdown by institution’s business […]

8.Task Management

BriskPPM users are aware that productivity is central to their organizations’ strategic goals’ achievement. That’s why we have teamed up to bring task management to the spotlight: each member of your squad may take advantage of the “My Tasks” Panel to meticulously keep track of their assigned tasks that will […]

7.Risk Management

Comprehensive corporate risk management is crucial in an ever-changing competitive environment. That´s the reason why BriskPPM´s team devoted their utmost attention to creating detailed risk identification features that allow for prompt identification of both positive and negative risks, enabling qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as prompt response planning features […]

6.Dynamic Analytical Dashboards & Reports

There are several types of dashboards with drill-down capabilities. From one Action Plan to a specific Performance Indicator, or from different areas of the company, all data collected by the system can be organized with great flexibility. The Strategic Module comes with a set of dashboards prebuilt, but during the […]

5.Profiles & Permissions

When it comes to sensitive corporate information, BriskPPM takes matters seriously. BriskPPM´s advanced User Access Control module is a built-in security feature that makes it easy to limit which of your company´s resources (e.g., strategy maps, indicators, risks) is accessible to each team or individual team members, as well as […]

4.Meeting & Collaboration

High productivity is key for strategic meetings.   That´s why BriskPPM provides an online Meeting & Collaboration feature with a streamlined slideshow creation tool based on real-time data, making it a breeze to create dynamic slides that communicate your tasks´ status, strategic goals or even your organization’s strategic map.   […]